This institution is an equal opportunity provider   •   Esta instituci√≥n es un proveedor de servicios con igualdad de oportunidades

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The Border Community Child Care Resource Center

The Border Community Child Care Resource Center (BCCCRC) is a proud sponsor of the Arizona Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and is a division of Comite de Bien Estar. The goal of BCCCRC is to increase the quality of childcare and nutrition by sponsoring a food program that helps home-based child care providers earn money for meals served to children under their care. The program is designed to benefit anyone who has under their responsibility the care of child including relatives by reimbursing the money childcare providers invest in the meals provided to children under their care. This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in being their own boss, working from home, and earning money all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in their community. To be able to qualify you don't need to be certified by D.E.S. You only need to have children under your care and meet the program requirements. BCCCRC and the CACFP are both equal opportunity institutions. For more information regarding the food program for child care providers contact the BCCCRC main office at (928) 627-0919 or via email at

How to Become a Private Home Based Child Care Provider

  1. Contact BCCCRC at (928) 627-0919 for a welcome packet and set appointment to meet a staff member in your area. The staff member will bring all the necessary paperwork directly to you to complete the sign-up process. BCCCRC pays for meals served to children in your care. We provide all the menus and training needed to ensure you are reimbursed for money invested on meals.

  2. Prepare for a fire and health inspections. Private home-based childcare providers are those who are not DES or DHS licensed. Private home-based childcare providers are alternately approved (AA) and require a home fire and health inspection along with meeting childcare standards outlined by the state of Arizona. Approved inspectors will be requested by BCCCRC to complete the inspection process of your home.

  3. Once the Above paperwork and inspections are completed, BCCCRC will forward the forms to the state for final approval. During this process BCCCRC may ask for supporting documents that shows that state you have met all necessary requirements. Completing this process qualifies you for the CACFP

    • Finally, from start to finish this process may take a few days to a week depending on inspections and approvals but is worth it. It is very important you take charge.


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"Comite De Bien Estar strives to enhance the economic and social well-being of the community through cooperative land development, housing, lending, and social services". Comite de Bien Estar works to empower moderate to low-income families in the community, by helping them overcome the many barriers they face, including very low wages, little access to conventional financing and limited political representation.

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Comite de Bien Estar is a membership non-profit organization. As a member, you will have the privilege of being part of organization that focuses on helping members build assets and strengthening the community. If your interested on becoming a member and would like more information click here.



Being a member of Comite de Bien Estar has its benefits. Members become part of the Comite S Mart Club, which offers members exclusive savings on fuel purchased at Comite S Mart Gas Station and valuable discounts on services provide by Comite de Bien Estar. For more information regarding member benefits click here.


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