BMG Property Management

BMG Property Management, Inc.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
License# C0646561000
Designated Broker: George Gallaher

About BMG Property Management, Inc.

BMG Property Management, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary ofHome In Hands Comite de Bien Estar, Inc. We are a for-profit Arizona corporation and have an Arizona Department of Real Estate Broker's licenses for property sales and management. We specialize on property and asset management of local affordable housing projects in the Yuma County area and commercial and residential real estate services. BMG Property Management consists of a staff of well-trained professionals that are dedicated to developing strategies aimed at increasing efficiency and facilitating the management process of our clients' assets. Presently, our asset management includes Comite De Bien Estar's rental housing profile that consist of 265 multi-family units, as well as commercial developments, special childcare centers. We manage four properties that have HUD and Section 8 tenants and work with the Yuma County Housing Authority to provide housing for their voucher program. In the near future, BMG Property Management will oversee the homeowners association (HOA) for Comite de Bien Estar's town home project, Las Brisas Townhouses.

List of Services

  • Real Estate
    • Sales
  • Property and Asset Management
    • Houses
    • Townhouses
    • Apartments
    • Rentals

BMG Property Management Officers include:

  • Marco A. Reyes: President
  • George Gallaher: Vice President
  • Gary Black: Director of Operations
  • Jose Gonzales: Secretary

Designated BMG Property Management Realtors:

  • George Gallaher: Broker